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An EMS (Estimate Management System) audit is a highly effective solution in instances where a disaster restoration contractor submits an invoice to the homeowner's insurance carrier, only to be informed that the insurer will be paying an amount less than the invoiced amount. Disaster restoration encompasses a wide range of services, including but not limited to flood damage, water damage, fire damage, smoke damage, asbestos abatement, mold remediation, vandalism, pack out/pack back, and the resulting construction repairs.

The EMS audit process typically involves a comprehensive review of the submitted invoice by a qualified third-party auditor, who will scrutinize the estimate, assess the scope of work completed, and ensure that all charges are fair and reasonable. The auditor will then provide an independent, unbiased report of their findings to the insurance carrier, which can help resolve disputes between the insurer and the restoration contractor.

This approach can provide valuable support for both the contractor and the homeowner, as it ensures that the invoiced amount is fair and accurate, while also ensuring that the insurance carrier pays for only the services that were actually provided. Ultimately, an EMS audit can help to streamline the claims process, reduce disputes, and ensure that the interests of all parties involved are protected.

Pricing: 25% of the gain. If there is no gain, there is no cost.

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