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An assessment of a residential property insurance claim is conducted by a duly authorized individual to ascertain the value of any property that has been damaged.

Most insurance policies offer an "appraisal" mechanism to resolve disputes related to claims. Under this process, you and the insurance company appoint separate damage appraisers. These two appraisers then choose a third appraiser, who acts as an "umpire." Subsequently, the appraisers evaluate your claim, and any disagreements are ultimately decided upon by the umpire. It should be noted that the umpire's decision is binding upon both you and the insurance company in regards to the loss amount.

Disclaimer: The services we provide are for B2B clients. We do not work on behalf of the policyholders, even as appraisers. Appraisers are advocates for their positions. We don't write damaged assessments on behalf of the homeowner, as that falls under the scope of public adjusters. Instead, we prepare invoices and scopes of work for the loss and address any questions the contractor or adjuster might have about the invoice.

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